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Submitted on
January 7, 2013


543 (1 today)
13 (who?)
Bidding starts at 0 :points: bid in the comments
Each bid must increase a minimum of 50 :points: (not counting the first bid)
Reply to highest offer
Please read this:
They are all mutated, there are peafowls and a tabby
Some of them have no design, name or ref yet so I let the buyer choose.
Do not change or use the spots already reserved on the horses
The auction starts as soon as this journal is submitted, the day it ends has not yet been set, probably one-two months
I will change the ownership as soon as the auction ends
Autobuy at 10,000 :points:

1. ***** SBS Atalante #1678 -SOLD! by Jadedmooon SBS Atlantic design holder 1678 by Jadedmooon

:star::star::star::star::star:SBS Atalante 1678
ID: 1678
Gender: stallion
geno: ee aa nD nZ nPwl
red dun peafowl (silver carrier)
Casino… X Lady Juliet…

2. SBS Heart of Andromeda #2136 by Jadedmooon 2136 by Jadedmooon

SBS Heart of Andromeda 2136
Note that she has a spot I'm still waiting for payment so the points from that spot will still go to me
ID: 2136
Gender: mare
geno: Ee aa nCr nZ nSb nPwl
silver smoky black sabino peafowl
SBS Atalante 1678… x RFS Shields On Fire 1222…

3. SBS Ace of Spades #2230 by Jadedmooon Foal 2230 by Jadedmooon (note that the white around the eye on the ref is the right one)

SBS Ace of Spades 2230
ID: 2230
Gender: stallion
geno: EE aa nPwl
black peafowl
Andromeda… x Confetti blackglassbutterfly.deviantart…

SOLD!!! to Karasugoi
4. 2286 SBS Eleitheia -SOLD! by Jadedmooon Foal 2286 by Jadedmooon

SBS Eleitheia 2286
ID: 2286
Gender: mare
geno: Ee aa nZ nPwl
silver black peafowl
SBS Atalante 1678… x CoaH Mare: Columba 860 blackglassbutterfly.deviantart…

5. No ref yet --- No foal design yet

No name
ID: 2482
Gender: -
geno: Ee A+a nTy
wild bay tabby
SBS Ace of Spades #2230… x LWs: Hestia 1698…

6. No ref yet --- 2510 by Kryptic-Stable-Nordy

No name
ID: 2510
Gender: -
geno: ee aa nPwl
chestnut peafowl
Atalante… x Anya kryptic-stable-nordy.deviantar…

SOLD!!! to NorthEast-Stables
7. SBS Forvendir 2557 -SOLD! by Jadedmooon No foal design (you can design the rest of the body meaning not to change the ones on the ref)

SBS Forvendir 2557 (you can change the name)
ID: 2557
Gender: stallion
geno: EE aa nD nR nT nSb nSpl nPwl nFwn
grullo roan tobiano sabino splash peafowl fawn
Daimhin… x Morrigan…

8. SBS Aetos #2160 -SOLD! by Jadedmooon #2160 by AmigoGirl

SBS Aetos 2160
ID 2160
geno: Ee aa nD nZ nP nPwl
Silver Grullo Pangare Peafowl
SBS Atalante 1678… x RFS Shields On Fire 1222…
  • Playing: Minecraft
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i bought Aeto's from beauclaire

I wanted to know if his slots were all used or not. Thanks
3. SBS Ace of Spades 2230
Sontinue bidding here!
Highest bidder: 850 :points: *Water-Of-Wine-Stable
AhernStables Jan 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
JC-Nordanner Jan 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
AhernStables Jan 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Congratulations! You are the highest bidder for this horse. You can send the 1000 :points: now and I'll send a note to the group
AhernStables Jan 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I'll send them now :)
Thx, I sent the note
AhernStables Apr 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi there, i was wondering if you would be able to send the nordanner group a new ownership transfer note for SBS Ace of Spades 2230 as they seem to have lost it. Thank you for your time
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